Mountain Ridge Adventure offers everyone from as young as 7 to as old as one’s ability can take them, a thrill of a lifetime.Imagine zip lining over a mountain gorge or traversing an Indiana Jones-style bridge or even teeter tottering on a piano hanging 50’ in the air. As the only customer in the store I waited for almost an hour as the associates answered phones and chatted amongst themselves completely ignoring my presence. I got to hear about how much the associate disliked her boyfriend and how the general manager was useless. Just an FYI I don't want to know who is dating who in your organization. I planned to fill the tank myself but didn't know that there was no gas station at the airport exit. When I went to pick it up they offered me a free upgrade to a SUV which I accepted.

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The Salt City may have ‘Cuse but it doesn’t have Mountain Ridge Adventure.

Our extreme aerial adventure course and zip line park is like none other and we want to share it with the great Emerald City.

The National Park Service has described it as “the highest concentration of historic period homes in the country,” with over 40 older than 200 years.

The Romantic Package provides a premiere location for not only exploring the historic district but is only a 15 minute walk to downtown where you have restaurants, theaters and galleries waiting to be explored.

A day of adventure followed by an evening of romance with a great meal, a stroll along the Erie Canal, some live music and more.

The Getaway Zip Lining Package at Mountain Ridge Adventure offers an adventure for the whole family.

Mountain Ridge Adventure is a thrilling daytrip or even weekend getaway for those that live in and around Syracuse.

With only a 2-hour drive between you and ultimate adventure.

Definitely did not like the radar associated with the cruise control on the Toyota Corolla. After making the reservation with Kayak, Throfty car rental ended up not having any cars available once I checked in at the counter in Syracuse. Luckily I was able to get another car with another rental company but paid a lot more.

We weren't able to use cruise much at all for a 15 hour drive. The car was ready on time and the staff person completed all the paperwork quickly. They didn't have the class of car that we reserved so they gave us a free upgrade.

Prices do not include alcohol, featured items, desserts, beverages or applicable taxes.