Here’s an article that teaches you how to phrase things when having the talk. Medicine Net – Sex Education for Kids : This article talks about why you should always make sex a neutral topic, allowing your child to feel comfortable and ask questions. About Kids Health – Talking About Sex with Your Children : Sex should be an ongoing discussion that has different stages as a child ages.

Learn why starting early will benefit you and your child’s perspective of sex. Children Now – Talking with Kids : This article links to various sources for talking to kids about tough issues, including HIV/AIDS and the media. Island Sexual Health – Talking to Kids About S-E-X : A rundown of what age is right for what level of sex talk can be found here. e How – How to Talk to Kids About Safe Sex : When giving your kids the talk, it’s imperative you talk about safe sex practices. CBC – How You Talk to Your Kids About Sex : CBC interviews three professionals about how they handle the sex talk with their own children. Dads Today – Straight Talk About Sex : Starting early and telling kids like it is proves to be the most effective way for parents to talk their children about sex. Time Out New York – How to Talk to Kids 12 and Under About Sex : This article links to further reading on how to handle various sexuality topics wit your children. Phil – Talk to Your Teen About Sex and Oral Sex : Parents should know the facts about sex and oral sex before sitting down with their child.

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A child rapist who forced his victim to have sex with a dog has been arrested, after he went missing on the last day of his trial.

David Hart was found guilty of a string of “sickening and gravely serious” offences against the girl, now an adult, over a number of years.

It’s important you can talk about any subject in a frank manner that will make both parents and children comfortable, creating an open forum for questions and answers.

Articles on How to Talk to Kids About Sex If you need to start with a few pointers, check out these articles that can help you express the key points of the birds and bees, and address questions children may have. Parenting – Talking to Kids About Sex : How and when to talk to kids about sex, including the age range where certain topics are appropriate. 4 Parents : This is a great website for parents and discusses giving your kids a healthy attitude towards sex, while preparing them with what they need to know. Family Education – Talking About Sex : Talking to kids about sex means choosing your words wisely.

He awaits sentencing but was not listed at Swansea on Thursday.

Judge Walters had reminded the jury that Hart, a taxi driver, was a man of previous good character, and had denied allegations he had asked a former partner to engage in sex acts with a friend’s Doberman dog.

The 60-year-old was not present for the final day of his trial at Swansea Crown Court and it is thought he had taken himself to hospital, from where he later went missing.