Of course, you never hear about him playing dirty, because, well, he's John Stockton.

One to one dirty cam-81

One of the biggest travesties in NHL history is that Samuelsson forced Cam Neely into retirement, but went on to play some 15 years without serious injury. Craig Sweeny Los Angeles Why is there no mention of John Stockton, pound-for-pound, the dirtiest athlete in professional sports?

This guy sets more illegal screens than any other player.

The pitcher was sliced open and had to leave the game. Tyrus Raymond Cobb was and has been chronicled as the dirtiest player that ever lived.

If you look up the definition of "dirty" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Ty Cobb. Not just because he is a family member, but the stories of him sliding into base with sharpened spikes pointed high.

Earlier this week, Page 2 listed our 10 dirtiest players from professional sports teams, and we asked you to send us your choices.

After going through more than 2,200 e-mails, here is how Page 2 readers ranked their picks. Not only did his teammates hate him, they once sent a gift basket of congratulations to a player on another team after they thought he beat Cobb for the batting title.that's not basketball, it's league-sanctioned assault. Eric Swanson Chicago If he had been five inches shorter, he would have flipped burgers for a living.He was nothing more than a tough, mean Bryant Reeves. The guy would elbow a cheerleader is she got under the basket.If this guy was six inches taller, he'd have set the record for most personal fouls.But he knows he can get away with a hard elbow to the torso, so he does it to everyone. 1, then his pal in crime, Karl Malone, is a sure No. Adam Hudes Los Angeles John Stockton, hands down, is the dirtiest player ever.He mauls someone and argues the call, but then at the other end he thinks a mean look from his defender merits a technical foul. If stats were kept for cheap shots, The Mailman would average a triple-double!