Chris was a great guy and had a level head and I thought that I could concentrate on my career while he took charge of our marriage.

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Unfortunately, once the November election was over, he was again looking for work.

He seemed to drift aimlessly from one consulting job to another and never seemed happy or fulfilled in his career.

Despite this, we had a good marriage, and we were best friends.

Yet, there was an underlying tension that I know both of us felt.

Interestingly, we had never even taken a class together until the fall of our final year and I couldn't even remember seeing him around campus.

He still doesn't believe this, but I knew we'd get married on our second date.Our situation improved dramatically when Chris decided to go back to school for his Master's Degree.He was able to pick up a paid position as a teaching assistant under one of his old professor's and I saw a noticeable improvement in his demeanor and our marriage.I think his discontent with his job was the genesis of our marital difficulties.We seemed to have constant power struggles over very minute things and it appeared to me that at times he would come home just looking to pick a fight over anything.I've been told many times that I'm pretty, and even though I'm a little on the plump side, guys still seemed to like my body and there was never a shortage of men who were willing to take care of me. In my life plan, romantic entanglements would just get in the way of my goals, and that was the last thing I wanted.