According to multiple measuring statistics, Vevo has been ranked as the number one music multimedia platform on the Web.


People all over the world use You Tube as a platform on which to share their lives; however, large corporations also take advantage of the incredibly large global audience available through You Tube to distribute their own multimedia content.

The site is extremely user-friendly, divided into categories ranging from Comedy to Sports, and is available for playback on multiple viewing platforms.

When you want to watch free videos online you may think immediately of You Tube, which offers an enormous variety of videos, but plenty of other websites offer free videos.

These include professionally produced online videos tailored to specific audiences, user-generated video clips, and web broadcasts of TV shows and movies.

Movie clips, entire movies, TV shows, and user-generated content can be found here using a variety of methods: keyword search, by length/duration, time of upload, source, etc.

More ยป Facebook takes its places as one of the most popular videos websites on the Web simply because of the size of its user base: over five hundred million people all over the world visit Facebook on a daily basis (many several times a day).

Shot on location at the Cyber Smith internet cafe in Palo Alto, California.

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Videos have become one of the hottest commodities on the Web, garnering hundreds of millions of Web searches every single day all over the world.