My Teen Top 5: Bombino, Gullens, Magulas, Mosquea & Woloschuk (IDK who my winner is as I'd be happy with any of them). The extreme liberalism gave NL a huge and growing Muslim population, I am not sure gays feel comfortable any longer, in fact homophobic attacks are more present than ever.(NT) -- Hawt Plus Seksi, 11/07/17 Tue I loved the 1980s Miss Universe Pageants and I loved every single winner of that decade. She is beautiful, intelligent, graceful, and poised. (NT) -- pageant pearl, 08/24/17 Thu You've got that right, it's Venezuela!(NT) -- give me a break, 11/09/17 Thu But what you're talking about is subjective: in my mind, Nia Sanchez and Erin Brady (for example) were indeed the most beautiful. -- Old timer, 11/09/17 Thu Selfies are so 2014 and very few people look good in them.

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So, to choose just one favorite is very diffucult for me. I remember her winning and her farewell, and I couldn't believe someone that beautiful could exist. Plastic surgeries everywhere, so much fabricated beauty...

The 80s pageants were so beautiful and magical to watch. and the gowns, swimsuits, oh gosh, just horrible and tacky!

It was made very clear at MUSA that she was chosen because she was "the smartest." Having said that, she does look great here and I expect her to do well at MU. -- Old timer, 11/08/17 Wed But when has the most beautiful EVER been crowned at USA???? I think it's just easier to single Kara out when none of those chicks minus Culpo have been "most beautiful" and I can go down the list.

Olivia Culpo is the only one I can think of in the last 10 years. Half the time the 1st runner up is "more beautiful" than the actual winner.

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Actually better than the alley shots downstairs that MUO was working for awhile.

(NT) -- Say no to selfies and improptu photoshoots while walking to Starbucks with the interns #basic, 11/08/17 Wed I assume she is "cramming" to get her teeth fixed before prelims and will remove the braces before then. Armaghan has a great headshot and could take it home depending on the weekend.

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I can think of about 10 recent Miss USAs that she's prettier than including some of the favorites.