Your denomination decided for you which political party to vote, which newspaper to read, which radio station to listen to and later which television station to watch.Since the Dutch left churches in droves in the 80s, this so-called pillar system has fallen into disuse.But now programmes are divided over the three channels according to their content.

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Burrows is being held on a $2,500 cash bond and will be back in court September 21st for a preliminary hearing.

Print press in the Netherlands The press in the Netherlands consists mainly of daily newspapers, local newspapers and magazines.

Police say he also sent a suspicious package to her apartment that contained a live snake and a threatening note.

Officers took Burrows into custody, and say they found a copy of one of the threatening letters on his person.

TV1 is a middle of the range, slightly more serious channel, strong in the 35-49 and 65 age brackets.

TV2 caters more for families and, oddly enough, is home to both the only broadcasting association exclusively devoted to young people and the quite strict religious association at the same time.Every household in the Netherlands should be able to receive public broadcasting for free.The three public channels are filled by programmes from several public broadcasters.They say his Internet searches also included the addresses of her apartment, her employer's office, and her Ex-husband.He also allegedly searched for "what is stalking a person", "how do you know if u r stalking someone" and "warning signs of stalking behavior".37-year-old Eric Burrows faces a felony charge of stalking in the case.