The man you are now dating may be a great guy, but we’d like to see you maintain your link to our faith by learning more about Judaism, and strengthening your emotional ties to your heritage. This can be a great jump-start to a Jewish connection. You may also try the Discovery seminar, which helps answer the question, “Why be Jewish?” The seminar is given in hundreds of cities throughout the world.Intermarried families tend to break off from these traditions within one generation.

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I only dated non-Jewish women, mainly because there are few Jews in the middle of Kansas, and because I never knew of my heritage until recently. Shalom, Kenny in Kansas Mazal Tov on discovering your Jewish roots!

I do not think it is fair to put restraints on love and say that it has to stay exclusively in the same religion or race, but sometimes I think Gentiles do not understand where I come from as a Jew. You’ve begun a spiritual journey that we hope will continue to fulfill you for a lifetime.

If you do, then you should date only Jews, so that you will marry a Jew.

Lets face it: It’s much more common for mixed-faith families to gravitate toward the predominant culture (i.e.

It is to their credit that they have always expressed their hope that you date Jewish men.

They understood that even people who insist they will stop dating non-Jews once they are ready for marriage may find themselves pushing this aside when they fall in love with the nice gentile they’ve been dating but never thought of marrying until now.

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Email them at: Rosie Einhorn, a psychotherapist, and Sherry Zimmerman, a family lawyer, are the authors of “Talking Tachlis—A Singles’ Strategy for Marriage,” and the founders of Sasson V’Simcha, a non-profit organization which provides programs and services to help Jewish singles.

They are not religious so I don’t understand why they are so adamant about this.