The one thing I didn’t care for on the site was the way that some of the people on the forums behaved themselves.

Some of the people on there were obviously just trying to annoy and troll, and I thought the site could use some moderators on there that could curb that sort of useless behaviour. In conclusion, over the month I used the site I sent out 89 emails to women, and got 59 responses.

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The gold membership gets you all those features plus unlimited access to everything else the site has to offer.

That means the mobile app, the web catting feature, the group forums, the members’ videos section, and the XXX movie theatre.

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This ultimate hookup dating service has over 60 million profiles from the United States alone and over 5 million from Canada.

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Passion is free to search and view snippets of profiles.

This did not take me by surprise, since this site obviously had some serious design and programming money behind it, and they need to make their cash back somehow.

And, since it doesn’t have annoying ads or banners flashing through the whole time (which is really nice), I didn’t mind paying the site’s fee to get access to everything they’ve got.

Some woman had seen me on her search page and liked what I had to say in my profile, and must have liked the look of me too.