When these changes are made, pre-reserved seats are re-assigned and you could lose the seat you so carefully selected.

In addition, airlines may release seats that were previously not available for assignment.

If you are experiencing problems then please feel free to contact Netflights Customer Contact Centre who will be happy to assist.

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This may take some time as airlines are still updating their policies and we will let you know if you are due a refund as soon as possible.

Take a look at the documents below to better understand the various reference numbers and codes you will have been allocated on booking your trip.

Most of the contracts mention that, while you are on probation period, you may be asked to leave the company with one day’s notice or whatever notice period as mentioned in the contract.

Some employers might ask you to reimburse the visa costs.

If you have certain dietary requirements, for example, vegetarian, low-fat or kosher meals then you should request them as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that airlines do not always guarantee availability.

To ensure you have the best opportunity of requesting your preferred seat it is extremely important that you contact the airline as soon as possible.

Airlines sometimes switch the aircraft type close to the departure date due to load factors and maintenance.

If the employer finds your job performance upto satisfaction, he might confirm you in employment.