My dad had a heart attack, I turned 25, I started reading the New York Times.I started caring less about my drama and more about the world around me." The title song, a chugging rock anthem that sounds like Bon Jovi fronted by Bonnie Tyler ("I'm not dead just floating"), is "the first song I've written that's sort of subtle, or poetic, if you wanna say that.

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Why do airhead celeb chicks travel in packs of three, accompanied by "their itsy-bitsy doggies and teeny-weeny tees". " And: "if I push up my bra like this, will the guy call me back?

" "I'm all about options," Pink says, "and alternatives and choices.

She took up smoking aged nine, graduated to pot a year later and had a near-death narcotic-cocktail incident at just 16.

But now Pink is 26 and married, and her party pop has come over distinctly folky.

"Seeing these grown men get up and weep in front of 20 other men. " she exclaims in her occasionally staccato, grammar-hostile style. That must have been pretty heavy stuff for a child to experience, I suggest. It put the fire under my feet." Eighteen years later, bad-ass Pink and her bad-ass dad get on like a blazing house on fire. And I push his buttons and we've had falling outs and he left and I didn't speak to him and I was on drugs and he was over there and ..." Pause. It's called "I Have Seen The Rain" and it's a duet with Jim Moore, who wrote it while he was serving in Vietnam. It's quite a departure for Pink, brassy singer of party-hard songs like "God is a DJ" and "Trouble". "It was awesome." Pink is a see-no-shit, speak-no-shit, take-no-shit kinda gal.

"To see military women - my stepmother was an army nurse in Vietnam. They still fight, and she's not above flipping him the finger. It was, she says, the first song she ever learnt, and provided her first exposure to a stage - she would sing it with her dad at Vietnam vet rallies. It's there in the angry letters she fires off as a spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta): Prince William (animal-killer) and Anna Wintour (fur-lover) have both felt the lash of her Biro.

The vision of Anne Boysen, following her winning the Erik Jørgensen Design Award in 2011 – the EJ 123 merges the uses of an armchair, sofa, chaise longue and a tete-a-tete all into one design.

A comfortable sofa that allows you to lounge in multiple ways, the design is a base with a mattress and two back rests in different sizes.

We would march on Washington, march for people's rights when I was eight years old. Still, that must have been tedious and cheesy for a little kid, getting up and performing in front of those intense, damaged old blokes? It's there in the thigh-high green leather boots she's wearing today, and in the way she confidently stretches her swimmer's body along the sofa in her London hotel room.