I am a writer and would like to spend my six months there writing.hello I just saw this post.

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nagercoil has also pristine forest in the western ghats mountains (20 kms from town). you can get to the base of the hike riding on local town bus the key thing is to get a local contact guy , a persons who love to swim, hike.

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Lush green paddy fields, small forests, lotus filled ponds, lesser known avian "sanctuary", beaches, etc. You'll prolly get a 2BR flat for 3,000 (or even less) a month.

I'll suggest you to come to Kulithurai or Eraniel (both 15-30 kms from NCJ).

This is an excellent picnic spot for the taste of all people.

One can enjoy either taking bath in the waterfalls or enjoy the scenic beauty or take beautiful photos or you can even explore the beautiful place. There is a 2000 year old Mahadevar Temple near the falls.

Though i wouldn't recommend the bike now a days with all the crazy traffic.

there are lots of jack fruit and cashew nut trees on the way.

We spent a very happy couple of hours wandering around the streets, visiting a little market, taking photographs and doing a couple of sketches; a very kind gentleman led us through his house onto the roof so we could get a bird's eye view of the area. We used to dread our summer vacation trips, which took three and a half days by train from Delhi... My highlight of course was visiting the tip at the Vivekananda rock memorial, and sunrises.

My photos of architecture in India are here - Nagercoil pix are on the third & fourth pages. I am thinking to visit Nagercoil and spending my six month tourist visa there. Also how are the beaches, and what is the cost of living like?

Travelling from the train station to the bus station, to go on to Kovalam, our rickshaw driver took a short cut through some narrow streets with houses painted beautiful shades of green, blue, turquoise and lilac.