Perhaps a woman had an innie all her life, but after giving birth, it became more of an "in betweenie" because the tissue in the abdominal wall has stretched.

Worse still (in some people's minds), it has become -- or always was -- an outie and sticks out.

Images, videos, music, and quotes posted are believed to be published according to the U. What's a shoe countdown without Christian Louboutin?

I could whip it up with my eyes closed at this point. CC: Do you have any other cooking shortcuts you like to use?

TM: I like to chop up veggies like carrots, onions and celery in bulk, in advance.

You already know that her alter ego Super C would nail this track when she gets to perform it live.

(The beat is taken from Slim’s, “Good Lovin” featuring Fabolous & Ryan Leslie.)Best known for her raspy voice, Kitt performed as the first black Catwoman in the TV series, "Batman" and who could forget her role in "Boomerang"?

It's often done on women whose skin hasn't bounced back after pregnancy.

Some people want to remodel their belly button simply because they loathe its look, whether it's the shape, size, or protruding skin.

Keisha does look like Aaliyah but hopefully she pulled it off just like Angela Bassett's effortless portrayal of Tina Turner. A video parody has been made for Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" music video. )Keyshia Cole recently recorded the holiday song "Have Yourself A Merry Litle Christmas" and she performed the song for the TV special, "A Home for the Holidays." (And no the song is not included on her current album, "A Different Me" but it's a i Tunes special bonus track.) She did a great job.

The spoof is called "Kanye West: 808's & Expiration Dates (Guac Lockdown)." The You Tube clip (done by Kevin Pereira) was tagged with the following description: 'Pitch auto-correction and a simple beat can make anything chart-worthy; even a freestyle about guacamole and expired milk.' The video actor even has on Kanye's shades. Diddy took his look-a-like son Christian Combs out for some quality father son time (re: shopping) on Robertson Blvd.

Diddy and Christian also uploaded a new You Tube blog to wish all Merry Christmas.

Diddy recently threw Christian's mother Kim Porter a surprise birthday party.

The life story of Eartha Kitt, who has a daughter Kitt Shaprio with her ex-husband Bill Mc Donald, reportedly would be done by Beyonce and not by Janet Jackson.