Support your child and keep her and her boyfriend in your prayers.

pros and cons of dating an asian man-30

It has been an adventure and if my husband and I had not been so committed to our marriage it could have ended up badly. You are going to be concerned about something you are not familiar with and perhaps have no experience with other than what you hear and see on TV.

There are a lot of factors that go into a decision to get married, the least of which is love. Worrying doesn't help anything, just make sure your daughter is ready to sacrifice. You being concerned is what makes you a good mother, it's our job to look at all sides of it.

I have had children a little older ask me why I look like I do and why my child is white and I know the day will come that they will notice color (because of others) but that unconditional love you get--regardless of what I or their father look like will go out to the world one day and help to continue the changes in the world.

I hope I've said anything that eases your concerns (instead of just rambling). And of course your acceptance will just make that joy so much more meaningful because she will be able to share the joys in her life with you (if they end up marrying one day). of Woodstock, GA I recently moved to this area after living all over the world.

My sister told me it would be like marrying outside of my race and I thought she was crazy. However, the best "race" in the world is that of Jesus Christ. I want to first say that it is seems a little harsh for people to point the finger in suggesting you are shallow or racist.

After 17 years of marriage, I would say that she was right. If the man is a believer of Jesus, hoping your daughter is too, race does not matter. There are stereotypes because a general pattern has made it so.

I will admit that when we were younger it was awkward and difficult for me to go out with him as there were many stares and certain looks that I just knew were because I was a black woman dating a white man.

Now that I am much older, I can tell the times have changed--there are still looks out there but I don't notice them because of the love and happiness we share that is so much stronger than what anyone can throw at us.

If I can stress anything, it is making your child feel acceptance among your family.

No one in my family sees my husbands skin color, they see the man, the wonderful husband, and amazing father that he is.

My daughter is dating a young man that is very responsiable. You also need to understand, prejudice, unfortunately, isn't going to go away.