I know now that my three boys don't have to follow in the footsteps of their earthly father, who has made some mistakes along the way.

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The next generation needs to witness these godly fathers and husbands, these heroes in action. With a compelling sense of urgency, Fred and Jasen Stoeker cry out to the men and women of our generation and challenge them to joy-filled holiness.

Become your wife’s hero, your child’s hero, God’s hero, and the world will become a better place.” —Clay Allen, pastor, president, and founder of AVENUE Resource and author of Operation Destiny “Inspiring. Fred and Jasen will get in your face, call you out of the ditches of compromise, and into a battle—a battle that will define the course of your life.

Reading about Jasen and Rose’s dating and engagement gives practical, proven direction to couples while simultaneously equips parents to raise their kids in purity.

May their God-centered romance play out again and again in the lives of those who hold this book in their hands and may He use it to purify His bride, the church, for His glory and our joy.” —Paul Sabino, family pastor, Cornerstone Church, Ames, Iowa !

(Although to be clear, both groups would benefit from this book.) It’s about how chastity fits in with all those other Christian virtues like patience, generosity, kindness and yes, love.

Because above all, this really is a book for lovers.

Jasen walked this out practically in his life all the way to the altar, even in this sensual day, even when others didn’t understand, and that was nothing short of God’s blessing and honor upon an obedient heart.

In the end, “God has sounded the battle cry for the hearts of men. Somewhere within your heart it’s there, and it’s calling you to do hard things for him, for yourself, your wife, or your future wife.

These two brothers of mine, father and son, are standing up—in purity, courage and God-honoring strength. Read their story and be encouraged by encountering these modern day 'Heroes'." —Rebecca St. Fred and Jasen, thanks for being the kind of men many of us want to be.

James, singer, songwriter, musician , you will see how the next link in the chain of Stoeker men, Jasen, has claimed moral purity as his own, and is now firmly entrenched in this new course. ” —Heath Adamson, youth evangelist, The Seven Project , I came to the realization that this book is truly a message from God's heart to ours, if we would only listen. I was deeply challenged and inspired by Jasen’s words, but most importantly, I felt hopeful!

The one about how your virginity was a precious gift to your future husband (who would definitely appear if you prayed hard enough).