What about noise polution it will create if it is upgraded to operate during midnight?Nowhere in the world I have seen a city that is so closer to the airport.

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But Nepali migrant workers have already started postponing their plans to travel to Qatar following the diplomatic crisis, which is evident in the decline in number of Nepalis taking work permit for Qatar since Monday.

The number of Nepali migrants seeking work permit for Qatar has fallen to 200 to 300 per day against an average of 700 to 800 during normal times.

Qatar Airways intends to contribute actively to Nepal Tourism Year 2011, and has set a target of 100,000 passengers.

It has been working with Nepal Tourism Board to promote Nepal abroad and is also a sponsor for the Board's activities.

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When a destination is important, an airline does at least a flight a day," says Ramdas Shivram, Qatar Airway's country manager for Nepal.

"We operate three flights daily from Kathmandu, so you can tell how Qatar Airways values Nepal." Shivram recently joined the Nepal team and is positive about the airline's future here.

However, we are optimistic that the crisis in Qatar will be resolved soon and it will not affect the migrant workers there.