She has been awarded with the MGD national award in 2004 as “best Turkish model”.

She played good roles in movies and tv series including Kısık Ateşte 15 Dakika, Zehirli Çiçek, Doktorlar, and Sessiz Gemiler. She is a beauty of Istanbul who completed graduation from the Doğuş High School and studied Costume and Stage Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

In 2011, she started her career as a singer and released and album named Semi Aware. She is a talented Turkish singer, tv personality, songwriter, and dancer. Hadise released her debut album named Sweat back in 2005.

Other than this, Aysun presented a program on NTV called Haydi Gel Bizimle Ol (Come join us). She started her career from the tv serial named Sultan Makamı at Channel D, which was directed by Aydın Bulut in 2003. Sh completed her studies from the Başkent University as a student of Economic and Administrative Sciences.

She rose to fame due to her role of Zarife at Channel D in 2004. She was the 1st runner-up of an acting competition named Türkiye’nin Yıldızları.

The rate of poverty is very low in Turkey, which is because the people here work hard to raise the standards of their lives.

Talking about the beautiful Turkish women, I had to go through a lot of names.

Turkey is known for its strategic location at the meeting point of the East and West; but apart from its geographical position, Turkey is also blessed to embody in its culture the best of both worlds.

Little wonder then that its women are some of the most attractive in the world besides being smart and well educated.Turkey is a beautiful country where east meets with the west.This land has been known for its diverse cultural and traditional values, and high-profile lifestyle of the people.In 2003, she joined the Best Model of Turkey competition and was lucky to get second position.She has represented her country in a lot of modeling and beauty competitions all over the world.She is a former model, and current tv presenter and movie actress. Aysun was only of 15 when she started her career, and appeared as a receptionist hostess.