This was the idea of imposing the Nazi’s world view and beliefs onto the countries they’d occupied in an attempt to bestow the Nazi beliefs amongst the majority of the world’s population.This type of human behaviour manipulation was adapted and renamed ‘psychological warfare.’ The late Black Diva Whitney Houston wasn’t a warrior princess. She was a warm, charming, beautiful, gentle and fragile spirit and soul that we loved so much.

I wish the people who fought so hard to protect her privacy in death could have shown a quarter of that zeal to protect her while she was alive.

During the late 1980s, I traveled through the back country of the Brazilian City Rio de Janeiro.

These people aren’t trained to miss their targets, and they don’t play games. In that infamous recorded telephone conversation between Ray J-Little Lucifer, Raz B, and Young Buck involving Holly Weird MK ULTRA styled Boy Sex Toys and U. Entertainment Industry Producer Chris Stokes, Ray J told Raz B that the Chris Stokes’ thing had to be quashed before it leads to other things, opens Pandora’s Box. I was hesitant to open Little Lucifer’s “Pandora’s Box” because it was extremely distressing and I didn’t like what I saw.

Under Little Lucifer, Pandora’s Box opens to a sea of sad, lost, troubled and twisted young souls like known as “DANGER.” Little Lucifer: DANGER in Pandora’s Box When I looked at Ray J and the young, beautiful, gifted, but troubled sister of color, Monica Laura Leon, I became rather troubled, disturbed and deeply saddened. In Classical Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth.

You add together color, beauty, power and being the best, the top in the World.

That’s extremely powerful subliminal imaging to the masses of poor and oppressed.

Her and Ray ended up having an argument in the room, before they went to the club. How did Young Buck know about some of the intimate details of her death so soon after she was found dead in the hotel room?

Could Young Buck have been positioning himself for a big payoff from some of the players that he knew had been directly involved in the Assassination of Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton?

Zeus ordered Hephaestus, the God of craftsmanship, to create her, so he did—using water and Earth.

The gods endowed her with many gifts: Athena clothed her, Aphrodite gave her beauty, and Hermes speech.

It showed them that they could one day be strong enough to throw off the chains of poverty and oppression, and determine their own destiny.