She’s funny and self-aware and also not very athletic compared to her muscle-bound competitors, which has prevented her from ever winning, but not from getting very close.

Devyn has made it to the finale twice; she’s lost both times, but she was also the only non-athlete to make it to the finale in each season.

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The people in the elimination round battle to stay in the game; loser goes home.

Eventually only a few people are left in the house for the grueling final challenge. In between the challenges, the cast members fight and party and play pranks and work out sexily and hook up with each other, also sexily. These days they are more like a Cross Fit tournament than anything else — raw strength tends to win the day.

The first day, the six finalists, three of each gender, had to kayak down a very hazardous white-water river, then hike for miles through the thin air, then climb up the sheer cliff of a mountain using climbing equipment until dark, at which point they had to complete a 25-mile stationary bike ride in below-freezing temperatures before they could sleep.

The next morning, equipped with ice axes and those spiky ice climbing boots, they were tasked with summitting the volcano, more than 9,300 feet above sea level. I watched the finale in a private room in the back of a sports bar in Union Square called Sidebar; I’d seen on Devyn’s Instagram account that she and Laurel would be appearing there for the finale. Within ten seconds, a very short man in a striped shirt asked my friend, “So, where are you from?

The currently filming Challenge season 31 includes, for the first time, contestants from outside the MTV reality series universe, including two former houseguests from CBS’ Big Brother.

Photos from a shipyard in the southernmost part of Spain, the coincidentally named Mario Lopez Shipyard, show the season’s logo and name, The Challenge: Vendettas, which suggests a cast of people who have conflict with each other.

This was the 25th season of , all living in a giant house together in some exotic locale (Thailand! Sometimes there are sequels that use the same rules, as in the three installments of , is a hybrid: an individual season, but most of the missions require a randomly chosen group or pairing.

I couldn’t think of more than two questions to ask them, so eventually we asked Devyn what perfume she’s wearing. ” she said, briefly looking up from her phone, where she was live-tweeting the finale. Sometimes the teams are decided based on personality (the “good guys” versus the “bad asses”); sometimes they’re split up by which season they originally appeared on; sometimes they’re decided by history (these are some of the best seasons: featured male/female pairs that have hooked up on camera); and sometimes they’re done schoolyard style, with captains picking teams.

The Challenge is a show about competition and drunken debauchery.