Sasuke Uchiha traveled across the Philippines to Kalinga in order to learn the dying tattoo culture of the Kalinga ethnic group from the viral last Kalinga tattoist; Wang-Od. Naru Sasu Sasuke always strove for power to avenge his clan, he thinks the legends of demons that is written in a book a friend gave him will help him towards that goal. Naruto X Sasuke, Yaoi) What is a boy to do when he can't be himself to the people that count, find someone to love that's what.

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He take the good with the bad and hinds it behind his mask. The blood of the innocent stains Sasuke's porcelain skin, and he finds that it doesn't bother him at all.

Sasuke finds a very unlikely hobby in the form of murder, but when it gets to his head, he turns (reluctantly, of course) to the nearest source of blinding, warm light to soothe him, and that happened to be Naruto.

As far as he was concerned, Naruto was just a mixture of stupidity and blinding smiles all rolled into one human with a hero-complex.

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