Informal recycling by the rag-and-bone folk is progressively replaced by institutionalised recycling programmes.

Although the aim of resource conservation remains unchanged, which is good, I am deeply saddened by the absence of the economic and social significance epitomised by our karung guni men and women.⅓ pounds avoirdupois; the kati contains 16 taels, and 100 katis make a pikul, or picul, literally “a load.” The tael, the kati, and the pikul are native words, but the weights they express are Chinese. 6, 112 Soon after the founding of Malacca Chinese annals under 1416 record.. is cast into small blocks weighing 1 kati 8 tahil or 1 kati 4 tahil official weight... Conversion of Local Customary Units to Equivalent SI Units ..

, 11 August, H3 And stories he [Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong] has told of himself as a young shipping greenhorn, scrambling to pick up thye cigar-chomping and wine-sipping habits of his European clients, only endear him to the regular Joe, who sees him as a , 5 October, L39 Kacang pool..

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The Straits Times, 27 March, A2 The duo face a joint charge of mischief by affixing a round sticker with the words “So Kancheong For What” on Robinson Road some time after midnight on May 17 last year – kancheong being the Cantonese term for nervous.) Public Prosecutor v. 2008 The Sunday Times (Life Style), 27 February, L12 [T]his year’s Oscar host, the acerbic comedian Chris Rock, has proclaimed award shows as “idiotic”, sparking a round of kao peh kao bu-ing from the Academy about biting the hand that feeds.

2006 The Sunday Times (Life Style) (from Straits Times Interactive), 4 June.

[T]he restaurant uses only kampung chicken from Malaysia, which is more tasty than their battery-farm cousins. Its chilli kangkong ($7) is wok-fried with prawn paste, dried shrimp and chilli.

That also explains why there is so little meat on the bones. Neither too oily nor spicy, the vegetables were skilfully cooked to retain their crunchiness.

The work is very hard and the income can be irregular, but the buying and selling of used products afford the worker a livelihood.

Many younger Singaporeans squirm at the thought of picking up other peoples’ discards and pushing a trolley load through a busy street.

2011 Parliamentary Debates: Official Report, 25 March, vol. 1171 It was a pleasing sight to watch these school children lining up to buy their favourite packet of kachang puteh.

But the kachang puteh seller was merrily using his hands to fill up the packets with kachang puteh, thereby, breaking the food handling regulations.

Then, there were the Indian vendors who’d balance a wooden rack that was filled with kachang puteh on their heads, as they set about hawking the little delights. A Guide to Common Vegetables 32–33 Brassica alboglabra Bailey (Cruciferae) (B. When he started out on 3ha in 1998, he planted only four types of vegetables – chye sim, kai lan, xiao bai chai and Chinese cabbage. There is a Campong Bencoolen, Campong Rochore, Campong Kapor, a Campong Java, a Campong Bugis, and Campong Glam, – the first part of the island sold, and where the European merchants originally had their residences, but which has now passed chiefly into the occupation of the natives.

Perhaps the most interesting part about kachang puteh is how the nuts were presented – in paper cones made from pages of old magazines, which one was prone to read when he was done with the colourful, tasty nuts. albiflora), a perennial plant with oval leaves and fleshy leaf-stalks which is eaten as a vegetable; cabbage mustard, Chinese kale. Though the Campongs Java, Bugis, &c., were probably first occupied by the races whose name they bear, no such distinction appears now to exist.

His most pleasant childhood memories are involved with his play in the little woods around his kampung, picking fruits, etc.