My girlfriend was born in to money and grew up with private schools and limousines.I grew up in the low-income housing projects and have not been cultured in the same way she has been. I’m really in to her and we get along great but I think her one problem with us, as a couple, is that she can’t handle my poor boy upbringing.

Besides, I’m sure you look GQ in that designer tux!

Boys and girls date each other if their mentalities, thoughts and lifestyle match with each other.

I wouldn't and the MAIN reason is that I don't want her family become a liability to me.

Trust me I have seen first hand, and it breaks families.

I had a conversation with a friend last week about this subject and he told me I was too picky.

He even said that he would marry a waitress; I told him I wouldn't and he looked at me as if I was crazy.

I also know of the debutante types whose greatest accomplishment of the month is to acquire the latest Louis Vuitton designer handbag!

Their closets are filled with “stuff” that may be masking their need to fill their lives with something of more substance, but hey, it’s still “stuff” from a name-brand designer!

It is every boy’s dream to accomplish this though very few are able to win over rich girls and keeps the relationship going.