I did my typical online dating routine that I’ve done thousands of times and ended up with a girl who was dying to meet me.

She was a cute girl with blue eyes, black hair and pale white skin, looked a lot like snow white, but a bit less attractive.

I am here for total enjoyment, I enjoy pleasing and making people happy.

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On my first day in Latvia, I arrived at my Air Bnb apartment after a walk through the city.

As soon as I sent a message, my Latvian Snow White was on her way to see me.

She met me outside of my apartment and gave me a tour of the city. “Ok.” That night around 10 pm she arrived at my apartment. This meant that she was much more Western in how she saw the world.

As we walked through a park closed to old town, I kissed her for the first time. We were making out in the kitchen, then making out on the bed. But I wasn’t about to push so hard that I would blow up my chances. At 11 pm I was inside of her and had my Latvian flag. It meant that she wasn’t quite as feminine as the other half of Latvia, but it also meant she was really fun to talk to. We walked around old town then went to a bar and had a couple beers.

Hi, I am Eva, Independent Escort girl from Riga, Latvia.