Rockwell is probably better known for his ex-wife (Jennifer Beals, to whom he was married from 1986 to 1996) than for his directing.

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Somehow, an ancient race of alien lifeforms that have never had any other contact with mankind did not understand the meaning of the 'message'.

They especially take offence to the inclusion of 'Pac Man' and 'Donkey Kong', and assemble an army of pixelated, murderous 1980s video game characters and send them back to Earth to destroy the humans.

Fearing for the safety of their planet, they send pixelated monsters in the shape of beloved video game characters to Earth to destroy mankind, and the only people who can stop it are record-breaking gamers Sam Brenner, Will Cooper, Ludlow Lamonsoff and Eddie "The Fire Blaster" Plant. But can this group of gaming experts really stop Pac Man eating up the city?

Continue: Pixels - Extended Trailer Jay Hayden, Rose Rollins, Mireille Enos and Alimi Ballard - 2015 Disney Media Distribution International Upfronts held at Abc Studios - Arrivals at ABC Studios, Disney - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 17th May 2015Rose Rollins - A host of stars were photographed as they attended the 2015 Disney Media Distribution International Upfronts event which was held at The Walt Disney Studios Lot in Burbank, California, United States - Monday 18th May 2015In 1982, Earth created a time capsule of popular culture from the era, and sent it into space in order to establish contact with extra-terrestrial life.

Mia Kirshner has hinted on several occasions to being bisexual, as has Karina Lombard.

While some have reported that Katherine Moennig is gay, she has never publicly said so and has repeatedly said she does not wish to discuss or disclose her sexual orientation.

The most significant guest cast were: Guinevere Turner as Gabby Anne Archer as Leonore Pieszecki, Alice's mother Anne Ramsay as Robin, Jenny's lover, an acrobat Tygh Runyan as Gene, Jenny's OTHER lover, a biologist Rosanna Arquette as Cherie, Shane's lover Lolita Davidovich as Francesca (Fran) Wolff, Marina's girlfriend, a costume designer Ossie Davis as Melvin Porter, Bette/Kits Father Devon Gummersall as Lisa the Lesbian Identified Man Kelly Lynch as Ivan the drag king Snoop Dogg as Slim Daddy Holland Taylor as Peggy Peabody Tammy Lynn Michaels as Lacey, Shane's stalker Ion Overman as Candace, Bette's lover Lauren Lee Smith as Lara Perkins, Dana's girlfriend (or "the Soup Chef") Landy Cannon as Harrison, Dana's doubles partner, straight "boyfriend" and Bette's personal trainer Kwesi Ameyaw as Randy, Tim's boss Mark Gibson as Marcus Allenwood, Bette and Tina's sperm donor Colin Cunningham as Harry Samchuk, Hollywood fag Matthew Currie Holmes as Clive, the guy who turned tricks with Shane Ari Cohen as Conrad Voynow, Dana's Agent Woody Jeffreys as Dana's Coach Michael Tomlinson as Franklin, Bette's boss Preston Cook as James, Bette's personal assistant Samantha Mc Cloud as Chloe, Cherie's daughter Helen Shaver as Faye Buckley Julian Sands as Nick, Jenny's old college professor For more guest stars check individual episode listings.

------------------------------------------------- The L Word has nothing to do with Queer As Folk.

While no one can know for sure what transpired between Karina Lombard, her representatives and the people at Showtime, at the very least it seems apparent that neither side was able to come to a satisfactory agreement for her continued participation in the show. ------------------------------------------- Probably dancing like she's never danced before in the lead role in the eighties film "Flashdance".

Other than that, please check her filmography on her cast page.

The original followed the lives of a group of lesbians and their friends, played by Beals, Hailey, Moennig, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner and Pam Grier.