Please Lord bless this family and give them the strength to overcome what is ahead. Ginger (La Rocque) Poitra (65) Ginger, I’ve noticed that your email box has not been functioning for the last while. I know you and Myron were class mates long before I joined the class of 65 in our freshman year. It was all part of my growing up process and now I respect this even more. Myron your family will be remembered in my prayer’s, so you can make it through this terrible loss you are feeling. This includes when we were young (my cousins and I) and she would dole out the discipline as needed. Never was there a time when I thought she was mean or uncaring.Mc VITIES see CARRS MCWILLIAM, AND CO Messrs Manufactory near Scotch St; Jollie 1811 p82 MADAME TUSSAUD Opened show at Carlisle MADDOCK, Samuel Master shoemaker, aged 35, employing 5 men, born Carlisle, home address Green Row, Shaddongate [1851 census] MAGENTAS Fisher Street Restaurant CN p12 Ad CN p12 Ad CN p5 Value for money CN p3 Restaurant in Good Food Guide CN p1 Magentas for sale CN p1 Magentas sold and to be called Lemon Lounge Bistro MAGICAL CHOCHOLATE SHOP; Castle Street CN p1 Opened in 2006 by Richard and Angels Barker CN p5 Shuts down MAGISTRATES Carlisle Examiner p2e 2 letters CN p12 First lady magistrate - 1920 CN p12 Error put right CN p11 New appointments CN pp1,5,12 I quit - top JP accuses Whitehall CN p6 City calls for extra JPs MAGISTRATES COURT Rickergate CN p1 Verdict on courts Its like a toilet CN p6 Letters CN p10 Not another carbuncle - comment CN pp1,3,6 I dont like court CN p10 Defence on court design CN p10 An agony award CN p16 No backing for call over court CN p23 More flack for a carbuncle CN p10 Court found guilty again CN p18 Court plans passed CN p1 Cameras set to catch court vandals CN p5 CCTV CN p4 Boss faces chop....

When the folks owned the Gas Station in town, I remember Duane & Russell were always playing jokes on Bev. She was the type of person many folks can only wish they could be.

One time, they sent her to the Hardware Store to get a left-handed monkey wrench. And, she would use the word “ish-ka-bibble” alot!!! I really don’t think I ever believed illness could take her from us. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the contact with idols and friends of my childhood and youth.

There is always that shaky moment of loss, but I recall John sitting behind me in one of the basement classrooms.

John had waited for a quiet moment during a study period; he sat right behind me.

2007 pp 173 - 176 ENS Magpie has a truly rural atmosphere ENS p5 Death threats force out mugged landlady CN p1 Threats close pub MAGUIRE, Annie Dressmaker, aged 37, employing 3 girls, home address 14 Portland Place, born Carlisle [1861 census] MAIL see COACHING, POST OFFICE MAINES 1610; so called on the Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1.

See Northern History Vol XX, 1984] MAIN GUARD Market Place; built 1649; Guardhouse turned into Fish Market ; demolished 1855 Jefferson, S History...Such an important service in our growing community. We had a lengthy conversation, all about family and Dunseith history.Wm Gottbreht Jr was his brother-in-law and Monty connected me with his nieces and nephew of Washington.I am absorbed in some reading or math and so startled when Johnnie, in a clear stage whisper says, ” Sherin, Sherin, will you marry me.” Total loss of control in that classroom.About 15 minutes later, when our teacher regained order and the room quiet, but my face still aflame, Johnny repeats the whole scenario. I set out this morning to share a great photo of Herman Martinson.He had come striding out his back screen door with a pair of leather gloves and said that we should use them to handle the feisty squirrel we had caught and that he advised release soon; “Wild creatures should live free.” Harriet Schwab was a frail beauty by then, perhaps 1947/48, but often at her window or door way checking on the local noise makers.