If left unattended, it may eventually kill the plant.

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Like Systhane, it kept the leaves on the roses for longer and stopped black spot spreading as quickly as other products. 3 Bayer Garden Multirose 2 Ready-to-use £5.75 for 1 litre This new spray was launched too late for the main trial, but it also showed good results.

It is a different formulation to the concentrate, and has the same active ingredient (myclobutanil) as Systhane. If you are worried about the possible effect on bees, use one of the other recommended products. The spray forms a barrier on the leaves that kills the fungus.

The organic product tested didn't make any difference to the roses, and black spot took hold of them in the same way as the untreated plants.

These are the three recommended products: 1 Bayer Garden Systhane Fungus Fighter Concentrate £5.99 for 300ml, makes 15 litres This general-purpose systemic fungicide controls a range of fungal diseases, including black spot.

Over the past 60 years, black spot has gone from being a disease largely confined to the south of England to the scourge of rose growers throughout Britain.

It is an unsightly fungal disease that causes defoliation and stunts plant growth.In June, black spot appeared on the 'Silver Jubilee' roses. Each treatment was used on nine rose bushes and sprayed according to the instructions. Experts assessed the health of the roses over six months from May to October 2012, looking at plant vigour, how quickly the disease spread and defoliation.Results None of the products completely stopped black spot in its tracks, but it was found that any chemical-based product was better than nothing.They are a modern variety, more resistant to black spot than older ones, and more typical of the roses you might commonly buy today.They were treated with six chemical fungicides and one organic fungicide from April to October 2012.Marilyn, real name Brian Warner, read the text messages that the Canadian crooner had sent him live on the air. Marilyn also read out his response in which he too agreed to settle their feud and said the pair were 'cool'. If not, I'll try to avoid more questions today on Stern.' This comes after the shock rocker was embroiled in a bizarre feud with Justin Bieber over a mash-up T-shirt based on one of the 90s star's classic shirts.