I find the following ..warning updater Update Failed: Your network may be down or none of the mirrors listed in /var/packages/Anti Virus/target/engine/clamav/etc/is working. When I follow the link to the documentation, I get a 404 error; not even the documentation is available.The AV "provider" looks to be an open source project which hasn't even gotten to a major release yet .. If you need AV on the device, find another solution.Today, I followed the same settings and manual updates, and unexpectedly the definitions update started working. The definition file installed is dated 2014-12-03 .

sav definitions not updating-88

I just noticed that we are experiencing the same issue, mentioned above, with AE 1.3-2714. It had been working fine since 04/03/16 when it was installed after I updated a Synology DS2415 to DSM 6.0.

When one looks at the update tab AE shows that it's updating, but it never finishes.

Downloading and running either the most current definition file or PIUpdate tool available on the Symantec website will resolve out-of-date and corrupt virus definition errors. He has worked as a media correspondent for George Mason University.

John Porter began writing in 2005 about martial arts and life in combat while serving in the U. His work appears in the university's newspaper, "The Broadside," and on the websites connect2and Through the Cage.

The simplest solution for update issues is probably to set DSM to use Google's as DNS server, your ISP may have their own DNS filtering with blacklists for completely valid servers for any obscure reason, and hence DSM can not connect to them properly. and only have filters on some extremely risky URL's, but Clam AV updates do not fall into that cathegory.

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Our Support team will provide the correct patch for your Disk Station model. All has gone swimmingly except for the antivirus package, which sits at the "Updating virus definitions" page indefinitely.

Symantec produces the Sylink watcher and Sylink monitor tools for real-time troubleshooting of communication errors.