A pessary is a small, removable medical device that is inserted into the vagina to aid in the support of prolapsed organs and weakened vaginal walls.

Along with Kegel exercises and taking herbal supplements, certain vitamin and mineral supplements may help prevent and/or alleviate pelvic prolapse.

Symptoms that cannot be relieved with non-invasive natural remedies may require surgical intervention.

In women that are overweight or obese, weight-loss can lessen pelvic floor strain and improve symptoms.

Avoiding food and beverages that irritate the bladder, such as caffeinated drinks and spicy or fatty foods, can help control incontinence, and adding plenty of fiber-rich foods to the diet can ease chronic constipation.

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Fortunately, only about 20 percent of those women will be troubled by symptoms, which can range from mild discomfort to serious problems capable of impairing health and quality of life.

Pelvic organ prolapse is a common women’s health issue that affects about a third of women in general and approximately half of women who have had children.

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Raspberry leaf, comfrey and especially horsetail (equisetum) are all good choices for rebuilding connective tissue. Gotu kola helps to increase blood flow to ligaments to maintain their integrity.