Alex Chance: We're here to talk to you today about net neutrality, Alex Chance: Which is near and dear to our hearts.

Fortunately, your diet is a key factor in controlling many of these conditions. Some illnesses, disabilities, medicines, and surgeries can affect your ability to have and enjoy sex.

Problems in your relationship can also affect your ability to enjoy sex. Joint pain due to arthritis can make sexual contact uncomfortable.

Normal aging brings physical changes in both men and women.

These changes sometimes affect the ability to have and enjoy sex. As a woman ages, her vagina can shorten and narrow.

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Mercedes Carrera: We're porn stars on the internet.

Women with diabetes are more likely to have vaginal yeast infections, which can cause itching and irritation and make sex uncomfortable or undesirable. As a result, men and women may have problems with orgasms, and men may have trouble with erections.

People who have had a heart attack, or their partners, may be afraid that having sex will cause another attack.

Joint replacement surgery and drugs may relieve this pain.

Exercise, rest, warm baths, and changing the position or timing of sexual activity can be helpful. Any constant pain can interfere with intimacy between older people.

Mercedes Carrera: Unfortunately, Senator Ted Cruz who is not sexy has taken Mercedes Carrera: countless donations from telecom giant Comcast Mercedes Carrera: and wants to end net neutrality. Alex Chance: Ted cruz, and the other old rich guys don't seem to understand any Alex Chance: of this.