Participation in a premarital seminar is required for a Redeemer pastor to officiate at your wedding.

The Redeemer Premarital Seminar is not premarital counseling.

While the issues presented and discussed during the seminar are important and helpful for couples considering or preparing for marriage, they are simply a starting point.

Can you suggest one of your books that I can give to help her?

Answer: Well, I’m glad you asked and I do have a suggestion: .

We can proviede a letter certifying that you have attended the seminar if needed by your church/pastor.

Is the Redeemer Premarital Seminar considered premarital counseling?

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Engaged Encounter: This is a quality, highly effective marriage preparation weekend retreat. For additional information, call the Archdiocese of Louisville at (502) 585-3291 or go to the Catholic Engaged Encounter website.

This document contains details on contacting Redeemer pastors and on suggested honorariums for the wedding ceremony and counseling sessions.