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Mac Donald's 'Culture of Critique' deals with secret Jewish propaganda.

It's not published by a mainstream publisher—publishing is Jewish-controlled—but by an expensive press and, more recently, by less expensive print-on-demand technology, a by-product of Internet. His books are intellectually cautious—for example, nothing on Malthus, and not much on white eugenics theory; no Khazar theory, no 'holocaust denial'; nothing on: Kennedy's murder related to currency, Gulf of Tonkin, 'Liberty', 9/11, or science revisionism.

I make no apology for this: throughout history there have been dominating concerns—new industries, settling the New World, the Black Death, famine; and no doubt inventing agriculture, and dealing with iron weapons.

And enemies—the 'Yellow Peril', the 'Hun', 'Oranges and Greens', Disraeli's two nations, the 'Argies'; and 'blues and greens', Romans vs Cathaginians.

Note that abstractions are well-adapted to subtle changes of meaning, since their content depends on examples, which can be changed, dropped, augmented as required.

This must happen in any case with changes: a 'war' now is different from a 'war' a few centuries ago; 'monarchs' are different now; 'democracy' remains obstinately vague; 'ownership' depends on networks of ways things are done at the time; 'food' changes with new developments; connotations change. I've just watched a typical propagandist TV news clip, showing black African males in some sort of rented craft being taken aboard some official craft in the Mediterranean, accompanied by a voiceover by an actress.Only those people who research for themselves will ever see this material.There are, and probably will remain, millions of people totally ignorant of what is one of the most important malign influences in the world.Without the effects of reading and writing, and the effects of large crowds in diminishing mutual familiarity, 'Jews' could probably never have existed.It's important for us to identify the influence of 'Jews' (as they call themselves) on the world of ideas—the words, phrases, memes, and concepts which form part of 'conventional wisdom'.In the hope that some people will be less puzzled than before.