There are no provisions in the Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act that limits where offenders can work, or requires you to hire registered offenders.It is required that the address where the offender is physically employed be displayed on the public website. Wyoming does not base the duty to register on the requirements of the state of conviction, or of the duty to register in any other state.In both cases, the subscriber will need to provide their name and a valid email address for the notice to be sent to you.

You can sign up to track a specific offender by clicking on the link “Register to Track this Offender” on the offender’s home page.

You can also receive notifications for offenders living near a specific address using the "Receive Email Alerts" option on the right side of the search screen.

You should contact your legal counsel to determine what your rights are in hiring offenders. Offenders who were adjudicated as juveniles of crimes listed in Wyoming Statute 7-19-302(j) are prohibited from being displayed on the public website. The duty to register in Wyoming is based solely on Wyoming laws, and the duty in this state may be different from any other state the offender was previously registered in.

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The Wyoming Sex Offender Registry will then notify the receiving state of the offender’s intent to relocate.

The offender has three business days to report to the new state, or they will become non-compliant and subject to arrest.The sheriff’s office in the county where the offender is register will notify the offender of the frequency.You would need to contact the court of conviction or arresting agency for that information.Wyoming does not consider the offender’s duty to register in another state.The registerable Wyoming statutes are listed in Wyoming Statutes 7-19-302(g), (h) and (j).If the offender is in the “g” or “h” category they can directly petition Wyoming District Court in the county where they reside. The Wyoming Sex Offender Registry has no part of this process, and no offender will be removed from the registry without a court order.