I'm not doing this ever again in a relationship," rues Shivam Singh, 20, a law student. I'm breaking up However, some people might suffer a breakup only because they did not share their passwords.

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The insecure ones even check their BFs' chat records to know 'woh us ladki se kya baat kar raha tha?

' "We know each other's passwords and I love to scan every single chat of his.

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Somehow, it gives me peace of mind to know that he is loyal to me.

Surprisingly, he does not even talk about me with his friends, something I thought he did," discloses Manjari Malhotra, 23, a content writer.In this episode of The Sync Up, we'll help you craft the perfect password to protect your online security.You probably don't need to worry about your bank account.Maintaining your password is important to help protect the security of your account.A recent survey claims that 30% of teenagers who use the internet have shared at least one personal online password with a friend or a significant other.The study also says that girls are twice as likely as boys to give away their secret codes.