If you are interested in Wild Erotica's work, you might want to contact the director and join their group (there's a fee , so please inquire about that first). Enjoy the movie here And now let's get into another porn production by a name that has been around for years now, and that still I am not sure I can (mi)spell correctly! He promised her that he would record and would not upload to a porn site .. Despite the handycam, it's not like Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, even if it is kinda spooky how the actor and the actress continue switching places on the loo.It makes you wonder about the nature of space and time, illusion and reality!

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On the Intergalactic SLUTS are getting use to our new crewmates, Doctor Winsmore has run her usual test on them and all is fine.

Received a message from Princess Freckles, she and Keplerian Kat have followed the accomplice to the murder of her princess guard to an Ice planet in the Isomatic system called Kanadaye.

STARRING: Miss Emily23, Sandonna Miggins, Zoey Winsmore, Zuby Gloom, Katina Cazalet, Marika Blaisdale, Brea Brianna, Severina, Arienne Evangeline, Damien Godard and Amia Jordan FEATURING: Heather Ashford, Monique Lefry, Kayla Bombastic, Jamezz Doulton, and Johnny Whadd.

What to say about this new episode of the space opera by Miss Emily?

The psychological, cerebral element of the 'revenge' in the first season, in this season takes a turn where people are violated and mindfucked in what might not be entirely a metaphorical way. Episode 4 is a reunion between two lesbian lovers, punctuated with uncertainty about their current standing and what happened (and will happen! It features myself and Monique Lefry together with the enigmatic trait d'union character for these episodes played by Sofia La Fontaine. To me, it plays like a perverted , porn equivalent of the 'musical' episode in a series.

Characters acting in a dream-like world, with the tunes carrying the action, in a dazzling display that 'pauses' the main plot while letting you see the characters under a different light.

Another part of the action takes place with Damian Godard and Monique Le Fry in the even warmer inside of an inn, and the rest is of course dedicated to the space station hijinks of the very sexually active crew, including newest additions Arienne, Brea and Severina!

What I'd like to point out, and that amazes me each time, is that the direction of Emily is so seamless in this episode that everything seems to fall into place without effort.

Now another tale with something definitely supernatural....that's ...

It's almost a Christina Aguilera song, and I am almost surprised there's no reference to it because Jenny Lou usually makes in her videos all the bad puns I'd make!

I'll just take for granted that you are familiar with this series, by far the most ambitious project carried on in the world of adult machinima, with stellar (ahem!