When Fiennes issued his tyke ban, perhaps he had been embittered by an experience not long before, when a T-shirt he had donated to a schoolgirl, for her to auction to help raise pounds 2,000 for a trip to China, attracted the magnificent sum of 45p. But then Yorkies are notoriously "careful" with their money.Think how many building societies are from God's own counting-house.

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What cloys is the sycophancy in the BBC documentary to mark his retirement.

There's a scene where he leaves the field after an early-season game, saying: "I've had the wind in my face all day," as he walked through the crowd.

And Sir Bernard Ingham, Mrs Thatcher's former press lackey, gave us an insight into the tyke approach when he was interviewed for a motoring feature.

"I constantly wish I had a tank at my disposal, unlimited insurance and legal immunity, so that I could blast the bad drivers off the road." At least Sir Bernard was unequivocal about his Yorkshireness.

Now they're becoming downright bolshy." Breathtaking. Another typical tyke is Geoffrey Boycott, a great batsman and mono-maniac, the man who was so stubborn and so slow in compiling his innings that his batting partner Ian Botham was once alleged to have engineered a run- out.

More in the Illingworth vein is Fred Trueman, who has forged a similar reputation as a verbal bruiser with all the same arrogance, the xenophobia, the sheer rudeness masquerading as honesty.

With a few exceptions, it wasn't until Sachin Tandulkar, the young Indian batting prodigy, was signed a few years ago that the doors opened. For the last couple of generations there has been a vast pool of talent of Asian extraction which remains to this day untapped.

The county's excuse has always been: "Well, if they were good enough ..." but I refuse to believe that in all those thousands of aspirants not one has been good enough to wear the white rose.

But he could have taken his pick, really: a refusal to acknowledge any other point of view; an innate belief in his own infallibility and the superiority of tykes as a breed.