“At the end of each year we have looked back and commented on our daughter’s year - always describing it as filled with challenges, hard work, motivating activities, fun, warmth and ending up with a happy girl making lots of progress.

We can leave St Hilda’s confident in the knowledge that she is full prepared for the new experiences and challenges ahead.

Tel: 01582 712307Email: [email protected] 28 Douglas Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2ES “Both my girls (aged 3 and 10 months) absolutely love the class!

In 2018, we are excited to announce that we will be welcoming back boys into our Nursery.

St Hilda’s has had a long tradition of including boys in the past, most recently in the 1980s.

This year we are also developing our outdoor curriculum further in a desire to embrace our surroundings and facilities to the full.

Following consultation with parents, we have extended our out of hours care and now offer free breakfast and after school sessions between 7.30am and 6.00pm.

If you just need some reassurance or have any pregnancy complications such as bleeding or have had a previous miscarriage an early scan gives you answers to help you plan the next step.

What we do: * check the heartbeat * check the location of the pregnancy * confirm a single pregnancy or multiple * take a measurement of the fetal pole (baby) to accurately date the pregnancy * Check for signs of bleeding or ectopic pregnancy * This scan will accurately diagnose the sex of your baby, at the Verulam Clinic the success rate is 99% * Performed from 16 weeks.

This has been borne out in the fantastic results achieved by our leavers this year, who have amassed an outstanding 16 scholarships and awards between them in sport, drama, art and music, including 5 academic scholarships to Haberdashers’ Aske’s, St Albans High School for Girls, Abbot’s Hill and Haileybury.

Our girls have a plethora of activities on offer and our extra-curricular programme seeks to challenge traditional stereotypes with Football, Judo and Fencing all thriving activities.

Whether pursuing academic excellence that enables your child to gain their first choice of secondary school, encouraging blossoming creativity inside and outside through the creative arts, aiming for your zenith in sporting endeavour or increasing your confidence amongst a caring, family atmosphere, St Hilda’s has something for everyone.