Located in the Southern region of the United States, Arkansas is blessed with diverse natural beauty as well as a thriving economy.

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The Buffalo National River has been preserved in its natural state by the National Park Service and is frequented by fly fishers annually.

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Get to know the landed families Although approximately 3% of the population is employed in the agricultural sector, it remains a major part of the state's economy, ranking 13th in the nation in the value of products sold. S.'s largest producers of rice, broilers, and turkeys, and ranks in the top three for cotton, pullets, and aquaculture.

Forestry remains strong in the Arkansas Timberlands, and the state ranks fourth nationally and first in the South in softwood lumber production. So if you are keen to make your acquaintance with the rich guys of Arkansas, get yourself out in the countryside.

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The Stephens family is another well-known name in Arkansas business circles.

The state created the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in 1915 to regulate and enforce hunting.

Today a significant portion of Arkansas's well to do population participates in hunting duck in the Mississippi flyway and deer across the state.

Work for successful Arkansas business families Sam Walton helped make many people wealthy in Arkansas.