He worked in shipyards for a while in Sturgeon Bay, did a year in an automotive program at the tech school, worked for his uncle’s mechanic shop, but just couldn’t find something he was happy with until he landed an apprenticeship with a mechanical contracting company.

He works in the sheet metal department and he’s been there ever since.

The baby was gone.” Justin: “I was working at the time, and I knew she was going to the doctor.

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I worked at a daycare, at a summer camp, and I worked with the Phuture Phoenix program at UW-Green Bay where I mentored lower-income students so that they had a chance to go to college.

Justin, meanwhile, was still trying to find his niche.

I really feel like if women had that support system it would make those difficult times easier.

It would be so much more helpful if we didn't have that idea in our culture that we shouldn't talk about it. He was a tough one — very fussy, almost a beastly child.

So I applied and landed my dream job: being a 4K teacher at Luxemburg Elementary! They wanted me to wait a little while before I came in to let the baby grow a bit.

I was working back where I went to school as a child. A couple weeks later, I went to the bathroom at school and started bleeding.

Tarren was only about six months old, I cried the entire way to school because I'm like, ‘I'm leaving my baby! While I was in school there were rumblings at our local public school, that they might start a 4K program.

By the time I finished my 2-year program, the opportunity was real.

I saved all of my money so that I could go to college to become a teacher.