It's going to affect me for the rest of my life.'He told the crowd: 'We shouldn’t be here on these stairs for this young lady.

For those of you who know how strong Lindsay was and is ...

Nailah is a recent UI graduate with great activism and leadership experience.

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One of the greatest gifts—and challenges—of this work is that it requires us to develop and grow as individuals in order to work toward our mission.

My colleagues at RVAP have been gracious in sharing their expertise and experience, which allows me to continue to unpack my own privilege and grow as a person.

In Iowa City, Amanda Martin was promoted to academic services coordinator.

Amanda is a strong advocate and leader with tremendous expertise in academic-systems advocacy.

Lindsay's close friend Abby Lundy told KWWL: 'I don't think I honestly realize that it's happened yet.

I think I'm kind of going through the motions to be strong for the situation.My goal is to foster and maintain a healthy work culture that allows each and every staff member, volunteer, and stakeholder the same opportunity for growth so that we can provide our services effectively for as long as they are needed.There are some new positions and team members at RVAP. Why is it important for RVAP to continue to evolve?It’s been great to work so closely with them these past months.I’m eager to see where their leadership can take RVAP in the months and years ahead.She can now focus on growing our advocacy services on the UI campus and in academic environments throughout our service area.