However, my experience is my own – like disability itself, every disabled person’s experience of sex will be slightly different.

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In the months after my crash, amid all the pain and conflicting emotions – denial, anger, fear, deep sadness and eventually acceptance – I am not sure whether the thought of sex occurred to me.

Although I was single at the time of the crash, I had my first serious relationship in my mid-teens and we were intimate.

From around the centre of my ribs and upward, though, I have complete mobility. Sex and disability does come up for discussion from time to time.

Most recently, the film The Sessions explored the life of poet Mark O’Brien, who suffered disability due to polio.

A few months later, I visited a friend at university and was introduced to her housemates – one of whom, Tom, a 28-year-old acupuncturist, is now my fiance.

Tom and I hit it off and enjoyed a good flirt but nothing happened. ’ Since telling all my friends that I would be writing this article, those who hadn’t already posed The Questions admitted they had also wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask.Our relationship was a matter of trial and error to start with.But as I was willing and – more importantly – able to be manhandled into position, the show could actually go on, as it were.Surrounded by neat semi-detached houses and a group of large trees, the garden is filled with an assortment of rubble, rusted metal and broken fences and tarpaulins.When challenged about the garden's clutter, he claimed that he was doing landscaping work.These sensations are undoubtedly different compared with before my accident.