Money's research was published throughout the world, convincing doctors that gender was a societal construct, and therefore intersexed children could be raised unconditionally as either male or female. E-Mail from Cheryl Chase, founding director of ISNA (March 19, 2002) (on file with author).

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This Article questions whether genital reconstruction surgery is necessary in the Twenty-first Century. Part V explores how international law may influence decisions regarding the treatment of intersexed children. A H Others are born with a noticeable combination of male and female external features, and still others have visually male or female external characteristics that correspond to their chromosomes but do not correspond Individuals who are considered intersexed may also be born with matching male chromosomes, gonads, and genitals but suffer childhood disease or accident that results in full or partial loss of their penis.

Part II discusses the history and current preferred "treatment" for intersex conditions. This strict male/female delineation is not used in all countries though. Throughout the case, the court refers to Ramos with female pronouns and so I will also refer to her as female.

In the United States, however, a child with the same condition would likely be surgically altered at birth, raised as a girl and treated with hormones to prevent the onset of male physical development.

Money's research found that children who were born with exactly the same genetic makeup and physical appearance fared equally well when raised as either females or males.

As a teenager, Reimer rejected his assigned sex and refused to take his female hormones.

He reported engaging in typically male behavior throughout his teens.

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Despite efforts by intersexed people to educate the medical community about their rejection of infant genital reconstruction surgery, the American medical community has not yet accepted the fact that differences in genital size and shape do not necessarily require surgical correction.

The community-held belief that an individual's ability to engage in intercourse is essential, even without orgasm or reproductive capability, seems to govern the decision to perform genital surgery on many otherwise healthy, intersexed children.