To attach them all together we placed support boards across the bottom on the two sides and in the middle & used a nail gun to secure it.Let’s not focus on how small it is, but instead make lemonade out of lemons & make it pretty!The problem of a beginning is quite difficult to solve. This effect in turn becomes the cause for a future effect.

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Illness begins at birth; when one is born, the peril of sickness begins.

The person who has not suffered illness has yet to be born. We must suffer both mental and physical pain and illness in this life.

One who has a healthy mind and a good attitude will be much less afflicted by physical difficulty than someone who has mental problems.

If all of our mental problems are cured, that is liberation. According to Buddhism, there are three causes of suffering: 1.

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When the paint dried I took some sand paper and roughed up my entire paint job.

Buddha said that we should see a doctor for physical illness, but mental illness should be treated with Buddhadharma.