But such stories have a strong hold on people, as evidenced by the reaction to the article that claimed that the devil would appear in Stull Cemetery on the night of the Spring Equinox and again on Halloween.

On March 20, 1978, more than 150 people waited in the cemetery for the arrival of the devil.

One of them was the tumbleweed hamlet of Stull, Kansas and the other, which occurs simultaneously at midnight, is someplace on the desolate plain of India.

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The story neglects to mention that, historically speaking, neither the Deer Creek Community nor Stull have ever had an official mayor.

Author Lisa Hefner Heitz has collected numerous legends that have added to the mythology of Stull Cemetery.

The problem seems to be that the cemetery has a lack of real, documented accounts of strange activity.

The weird tales seem to be little more that urban legends and second-hand stories from teenagers and college students.

Years later, the barn was converted into a church, which in turn was gutted by fire.

A decaying wooden crucifix that still hands from one wall is thought to sometimes turn upside-down when passersby step into the building at midnight...

They are places said to be so terrifying that the Devil himself holds court with his worshippers there...

and in the case of Stull Cemetery in Kansas, is one of the gateways to hell itself! While there are few of us who would challenge the supernatural presence of a place like Bachelor's Grove, there are some who claim that Stull Cemetery does not deserve the blood-curdling reputation that it has gained over the years.

The word also spread that the spirits of those who died violent deaths, and were buried there, would return from the grave.

Unfortunately, the only spirits that showed up that night came in bottles and cans... All through the 1980s and up until today, stories have been told about Stull Cemetery and as time has passed, most have grown more horrifying and hard to believe.

Stull Cemetery, and the abandoned church that rests next to it, is located in the tiny, nearly forgotten Kansas town of Stull.