Understandably parents don't want their child's online experience tarnished.

We know it's easy to stumble upon content on emoticon and smiley websites that's too grown up.

We were the first to make adult emoticons available to download.

Sexy chat emoticons-37

You can't download anything that's more than mildly 'grown up' without paying for it - and that requires a credit card or a Pay Pal account.

By doing this we hope that young children don't get their hands on our sex smileys before they've had that talk about the 'birds and the bees'.

You can also use them in QQ Messenger but remember, the Chinese Government openly disapproves of porn so be very careful if you're showing any adult msn emotions in China.

You can use adult avatars and display pictures anywhere you like - yahoo, msn and aol instant messenger, blogs and email - as well as Skype.

Think about the context before using sex emoticons and sexy avatars. Be very careful when using sex avatars that your mother or your teacher don't stumble upon your blog and see something you'd really rather prefer they didn't.

It's easier to stay out of the hole than dig yourself out of it.The fact that smileys and emoticons now come in a variety of animated graphic formats has resulted in a huge variety of adult smileys and emoticons (just search for 'adult emoticons' in Google and you'll see what I mean).What's there to see in the 'Emoticon Red Light District'? You'll find funny smileys doing rude things, naughty emoticons behaving badly, sexually explicit emoticons, adult themed avatars and display images, and even smiley faces having sex. If you're intrigued and want to experiment with some adult emoticons and adult smileys then the Red Light District could be the destination you've always been looking for.We created a limit: we defined 'adult' as meaning free from porn and erotic content. Only those people that actively choose to pay them can enjoy them.By sharing our adult emoticons in this way we hope very much we don't offend anyone.No longer a naive and innocent emoticon, this little smiley has learnt to display some naughty behaviour.