Using bribery, blackmail, and tequila, Charlie convinces Dean to try out a spell.

Control of his social life, of his career, but mostly of his baser instincts.

Yeah ok, maybe he’s an alpha, but he doesn’t have to be one of those alphas.

Sam didn't get a full scholarship and Dean works his ass off every day to try and help his baby brother pay off loan debts. Sammy's at a fancy college with an amazing girlfriend who's way out of his league. He lives in an actual, totally stationary house that's always packed with the people he cares most about.

Finally, for more upfront cash, Dean decides in desperation to attend a drinking party... So there's no reason for him to ever reflect on his less-than-stellar past. Castiel shows up to heal her, at the most opportune time. Reader request from anonymous: Hey can I get a smut where Castiel gets a boner in front of you because he accidentally walks in on you the bath and you have to explain whats happening and it leads to fluffy smut and it's just all awkward cute and funny? )I also added some of the 100 kinks: 29-in the shower or bath, 70 after an injury, 9 first time (castile's), 36 against the wall One of my shorter fics, I based this one on a dream I had.

But a pair of familiar blue eyes staring intently out of a skin mag abruptly drags forth forgotten memories of a rare, happy time in his youth. Dean agrees to accompany Sam, Jess, and a bunch of their friends to a music fest, despite wanting to stay home and just veg out on th couch.

And Dean is suddenly inspired to reach out to an old friend. Upon arriving at the fairgrounds and meeting up with their group Dean meets a certain blue eyed, dark haired man that turns out to be a lot more interesting than Dean had first thought.

Whatever your filthy perversions, Mistress will weedle them out of you and humiliate you live on this perverted telephone sex line, so get ringing!

This genuine domme woman is in charge and ready to give you strict domination and if you're lucky, the orgasm you barely deserve!

He knows his friend met her girlfriend on the site and while he's not out looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, some harmless flirting would be nice. It turns out to be better than he expected, especially when, on his third conversation he meets Cas, a bee keeper out in Montana.