It is good to see that the person who has lot of experience in handing Apple and package system is handing this stuff.

Kudos to both Gi Hub and git, you are simply awesome. Coding in Swift is fantastic and I would love to see it coming to more platforms, maybe even on servers.

It could become a serious Javascript competitor due to its elegant syntax, the type safety and speed.

Looking at his linkedin profile[2] , he was later hired by Apple in August 2015.

Now he is biggest[3] contributed to Swift package manager.

Since that lets you create REST client and server and the client can be HTML5 and is mostly generated for you.

It will also build REST services for you from existing entities or relational tables.

This has been sorely needed since about day one of Swift development, glad to see that it's been a priority as part of the effort to open source!

Happy to see that my collection of Swift compiler crashes (see has been part of the official Swift repo since September 2014:

:-)A previous HN thread about the swift-compiler-crashes project:

id=9020206The programming language eco system is really improving rapidly and efficiently.

So the barrier to pick up a lower level language and become productive in it has really diminished.