It might be that he’s a cocky rich asshole like every other guy in NYC, but it could also mean that he’s buying big cars and big watches to make up for something else he has that isn’t very big.

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There’s a reason why some girls swear by guys with smaller dicks, and this might be the reason.

Remember in when one of his friends is hooking up with that chick and instead of letting him go down on her she says “let me take care of you” and just gives him head?

Unlike every other dude who tries to get inside of you ASAP, this guy takes his time.

He doesn’t pressure you to have sex, and he for sure isn’t pulling the oh-so-subtle pushing your head down maneuver in his vain attempt at getting a BJ.

But even if you love small dicks (they’re great for anal), it’s nice to know what you’re working with beforehand so you don’t expect a porn-star dong and get surprised with an inch-worm, right?

If for no other reason than this: no one wants to see shock and disappointment on their partner’s face the first time they get down. So we’ve polled a bunch of connoisseurs for the telltale signs of a not-that-big member.

Before you take this list too seriously, just remember that there is no scientific evidence backing it, it’s simply based on observations from our readers and other cool dick loving babes on the internet.

The only way to really find out about your date’s dick size is to go explore for yourself, Nancy Drew style.

Listen dude, we’re sorry the genetic gods didn’t bless you with a 12-inch pecker, but no chick really wants that anyway.