While talking to a girl, each dialogue choice affects your intimacy score.

Buttcoin is just a speculative financial instrument at this point really, a real lovely one.

Catch the magic of Mount Malasimbo with the best in World Music, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, House, Electronic and beyond.

I feel there is a lot to be explored and expanded upon in that format. About romantic/adult visual novels, it's difficult to find good ones.

I am in the process of planning a short visual novel project set in the 16th century. I'm working on a furry adult visual novel / sim dating, and we'd like to create a very high quality video game. I don't know if you like adult (there's 1 h-scene for now) or sim dating genere, but anyway I'll put here the link so you can play if you want.

People were freaking out when it hit $2000 about six months ago. Especially the ones who could have bought in when it was "cheap." Especially in comparison to where it is now.

gently caress, you could have tripled your $$$ in six months. I've heard that bitcoin is being used in many places in Japan now.

Apparently businesses there look at it as a legitimate currency. Is the US just slow to catch up with the rest of the world (again?

) chinese communist party officials fleeing the state for gross corruption are busy pumping up the value of the internet childporn/drug currency to flee with their ill gotten goods buy purchasing shitload of the money and then using thar value to buy real estate for "cash" I own a small fraction of a bitcoin, left over from the time I bought psychedelic drugs off the internet.

The band also won the 2nd Philippine Blues Competition.

Gong Myoung has taken South Korea’s traditional musical instruments to contemporary heights by combining their performances with modern percussion and wind instruments.

Be inspired by thought-provoking art installations and the centuries-old traditions of Oriental Mindoro’s indigenous Mangyan tribe amid breathtaking views of Puerto Galera, member of the “Most Beautiful Bays in the World” Club.