I found out in august when the decree absolut came through. I have not spoken to her since finding out and my parents have fallen out with her too. My ex now wants to take my children on holiday to his brothers wedding, with her.

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But if my daughter doesn't want to spend a couple of hours with her at the weekend how can I be expected to say it's fine that she goes away for 2 weeks with her!

He is refusing to say she won't go like he refuses every weekend to see his daughter without her in tow.

They were together for 20 years, and though they saw a lot of my parents, they didn't spend much time with the rest of us.

I barely knew my sister or her husband, "Steve." Liz filed for divorce early last year, and Steve moved out in April. I contacted Liz and asked if she had any objection to my dating her ex-husband. Liz divorce was final in December, and Steve and I began dating seriously. Steve and I are happy together, but my family will not accept that we are together. —CONFUSED IN OXNARD CALF Dear Oxnard: It's always risky business to become involved with a sibling's ex-spouse, and it's understandable that Liz and the rest of the family would be uncomfortable with the situation.

Now however, both my sister and my mother are angry about my new relationship. Be sure that Steve is interested in YOU and not using you as a means to be closer to Liz.

Also, some women become resentful when their ex-husbands find someone new, and this could be fueling Liz's anger.

I wouldnt stop them going, but sounds like its a moot point anyway Both kids have made their feelings clear.

If he wants to be with your sister, its up to him, but he cant expect the children not to have an opinion at their ages.

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