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On a practical level, she also shares secret tips and tricks for makeup application and organic skin care.

Ariane and I discuss how society’s obsession with youth creates a focus on external beauty and how her number one rule for older women is not to try to look ‘younger’ but to use makeup in clever and unique ways.

So as a foreigner in China, if you tell your Chinese friend you have a wechat account, they are probably amazed and will like to connect with you.

And you can keep in touch in the Wechat in the future. Encourage your woman to talk You have probably noticed lots of guys really like to talk about themselves (Chinese men or western men).

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Remember when you first start to date women in China or other Asian countries; you may think it’s not difficult.This trick might work, but you are more than likely end up with women who just want nothing but your money.She might just ask you to buy her expensive branded bags or the latest Iphone.I can tell over 80% percent of the girls you meet in China right now have a Wechat account and very active in this platform.It’s super easy to register a Wechat account today and they provide English version as well.You can always sit back and ask some random questions about her, don’t you? How to deal with “Sa Jiao” from your Chinese woman If you have been dating Chinese woman before, you know occasionally Chinese women like to throw some temper.